TOKYO MAY 14-15, 2022

Nicolas Arroyo

Bespoke Director of Foresight

Democratising Futures

The future is not a distant place in the unknown, but rather a tangible place in the present, a constant construction of thoughts, ideas, decisions, actions, and images of what is possible tomorrow.
We need a new language and a new approach to address the future that goes beyond the futurists as the magical oracle and uses the future as a hands-on democratic process, a collective creative practice, a new organizational culture, and a critical mindset of inquiry.

In this talk, Nicolas will share how for the past 7 years Bespoke has been helping firms and institutions around the world transform into the next generation of organizations, incorporating Futures Design as a core practice to learn how to use uncertainty as an asset for innovation, creativity and for the development of more sustainable and systemic solutions for tomorrow.

About Nicolas

Nicolas Arroyo is one of the Founding Partners and Director of Foresight at Bespoke, a Futures Studies and Experience Design firm empowering courageous organizations and individuals to use the future as a source of hope and inspiration for the present.
With more than 14 years of experience in the creative industries and a background in architecture, visual arts, Nicolas’ work strives to inspire organizations to imagine and design better futures for people and the planet.

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