TOKYO MAY 14-15, 2022

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Ramsés Cabello

Product Designer


A designer’s journey to collaboration beyond the canvas

Collaboration is an essential part of a designer’s workflow. Doing that on canvas introduces brand new levels of efficiency. But what happens when a designer moves beyond the canvas? Sketch’s Product Designer Ramsés Cabello will explore collaboration on a cross-functional level to shed more light on what it means to share — be it sharing your work, your knowledge, or your opinions.

About Ramsés

Ramsés works as a Product Designer at Sketch, where he focuses on crafting better onboarding experiences, tinkering with internal tools, and collaborating with others. He loves designing, and he is especially interested in the human dynamics behind it: the collaboration, processes, and tools that bring it all together. Outside of work, you’ll find him playing Nintendo video-games, taking photographs — or just geeking out. He’s from the Canary Islands and currently lives in Denmark.