TOKYO MAY 14-15, 2022

Sam Horner

Google Design Lead

Dirty Diapers & Designers

2020 was an exhausting year for many of us, but for Sam it wasn’t just due to the pandemic. A week before lockdown, he became a Dad. Over the year, Sam took time to step away from work and focus on raising his son, and learning to become a father. What he didn’t expect was how many of these lessons would apply to his work in UX. Sam will share a few stories about how learning to become a parent, also taught him how to be a better designer, and design leader.

About Sam

Sam is a Design Lead at Google, based in California, but originally from England. Working for the BBC in London, Netflix, and currently, at Google, his focus has always been helping people connect, be it to a great TV drama, a breaking news story, or simply to themselves.

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