TOKYO MAY 14-15, 2022

Alberto Vitullo

Charlie Tango Head of Design

In between branding and digital product design

How do we make the right brand decisions for digital products? And how do we avoid that our product ends up looking the same as the competitors? Digital design done right utilizes branding to differentiate products on the market, and UX to deliver value. Brand design done right utilizes digital as a canvas to structure future proof experiences.
Alberto will share the story on how he and his team created a simple matrix to move across a wide range of design decisions that exist between brand DNA and product development. In his talk, he will present this method, and how it can be used to design better and more unique digital products.

About Alberto

Alberto Vitullo leads the design team at the Danish Design Agency Charlie Tango, and specializes in big-scale design systems. Storytelling and curiosity are core aspects of Alberto’s personality. His work in photography, graphic design, branding, and product design has allowed him to live in Italy, London, and Copenhagen. Through these experiences, he has honed his specialty in design systems, a discipline that’s taught him how to combine multiple crafts into effective, smart solutions.

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