TOKYO MAY 14-15, 2022

Brady Mason

Tattoodo Head of Product

Match. Chat. Get Tattooed. How digital design is transforming the tattoo industry

The tattoo community is growing stronger and stronger around the globe, and so is the tattoo industry. Despite this, as an industry, it is still primarily off-screen. How can it be digitalized? Tattoodo, the world’s largest platform for tattoo, culture, and lifestyle, born in Copenhagen, is managing to do exactly this. Brady will dive into the challenges and excitement of cracking the traditional codes of the tattoo community. With a focus on design and creative expression, he is finding ways to digitalize a fast-growing yet predominantly non-digital industry.

About Brady

Brady Mason is Head of Product at Tattoodo. He is a multi-disciplined designer – with a previous background in digital marketing – focused on bridging the gap between creativity, human behavior, and interactions. Outside of his work with Tattoodo, Brady is actively involved with innovation hubs and startups looking to conquer the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

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