David Bailey Creative Director


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David Bailey will discuss two of the themes of Design Matters Tokyo. He will talk about Creative Empowerment and how to inspire through experiential learning and creative facilitation. An example of this at the BBC, where he is Creative Director, is the 6department-wide objective to inject ‘Play’ into work. David will show practical examples where they use play to embed learning and strategic goals, during the fun all-staff away days.

He will also reflect on the Designer’s role, introducing some simplification strategies and initiatives that enable innovation at scale. This is called GEL (Global Experience Language), a shared autonomous design system that has started a big change at the BBC, helping them rebuild their services online.

About David

David is Creative Director at BBC, and recently, he’s also become UX Principal, Visual Design & Branding. He spoke at Design Matters 16 and 15, was committee member in 2017 and 2018, and also host in 2017.

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