TOKYO MAY 14-15, 2022

Lesley Price

The Index Project Communication Director

Design: Superfluous or Saviour?

Over the past few decades, design has emerged as one of the most fundamental practices — helping us, as humans, understand, engage with and shape the world around us. But, can it offer solutions to the world’s countless and most critical problems?

In this talk, Lesley discusses design to serve real-world needs and its evolution to today’s exciting and complex design climate. She explores emerging trends that offer a glimpse into our future, from using biology to create living, breathing solutions to envisioning futures we must avoid.

About Lesley

Lesley Price is Communication Director at The Index Project, a Danish foundation focused on design for impact and behind renowned design prize The Index Award.

With a background in journalism, Lesley is passionate about storytelling and outside of 9-5, writes on innovation, tech, and culture. In line with Index, her mission is to show how design, from the super simple to sci-fi, is fundamental to bringing humanity forward.

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