We, at Design Matters, are designers and activists. This is why, every year, we bring on stage brilliant and skilled design practitioners to talk with honesty and passion about their experiences, challenges, successes, and failures. Our mission is to spark up the conversation about the work and the role of digital designers – now and in the future - and to build a global, diverse, and inclusive community where people connect and empower each other.

Design Matters is a two-day conference full of talks, workshops, networking activities, and evening performances


All the talks revolve around defined topics that change every year. The workshops let you dig deeper into a specific technique, process, or skill that you can take home and put into practice right away. You will also find networking, crafty activities, and evening performances that will allow you to unwind and socialize with fellow designers.

Design Matters isn’t just a conference, though. It is also an opportunity to discover Tokyo.


Design Matters isn’t only about inspiring talks and engaging workshops. It's also about creating the friendliest and most welcoming atmosphere, including people from all backgrounds. By joining Design Matters, you will expand your knowledge, grow your network, experience new things, find inspiration, and most importantly…have a lot of fun! Today, Design Matters has grown into an internationally renowned conference including diverse, knowledgeable, kind, and inspiring people from all over the world.

Want to know more about what we believe in and how we treat each other? Read ourCode of Conduct.

A unique, festivalish experience


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