COPENHAGEN SEP 23-24, 2020


8:00 - 9:00




Ingrid Haug

Design Matters


Welcome to Design Matters!

Ingrid will open the conference and give an introduction to the 3 themes of Design Matters 20.

Real Fake – on how digital products are blending together Fake and Real, and how we as designers can we help the people who use our products navigate this new hyper-reality.

Scrappy Creative – on how we should challenge our current design methods with a messy set of skills, borrowed from psychology, business, coding, project management, storytelling, and more.

Next-Gen Design – designing for anyone born after 1996 who has never lived in a world that wasn’t interconnected, and taking on designing for the near and far future.

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Daria Loi

Mozilla Corporation

Head of Product Design, Emerging Technologies

Tackling the Unglamourous

In 2019 the Experiences & Design team at Mozilla was set to explore new product opportunities to serve two demographics at opposite ends of the age spectrum: older adults and teens. Then the Covid-19 pandemic started – and the issues they originally set to tackle became even more urgent and complex.

Daria will share insights into how her team tackled two ambitious projects with limited resources yet infinite passion, resourcefulness, and iterative touch points with the end users they set to serve.

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Simone Rebaudengo

Product Designer

**Real Fictional Products**

As ‘fake’ or artificially generated news and people and products fade in our digital feeds daily, as scam products are getting better and better, riding the wave of conspiracy theories, the distinction of what real and what is not is becoming harder and harder for many. At the same time as far away future scenarios of social unrest and climate change are escaping fiction and coming into our reality, what is present and what is future is becoming also quite hard to discern. In some way, what we considered before a quite clear and binary distinction is becoming less and less so. The lines between real and fake, present, and future are getting more and more blurred.

In this talk, Simone will talk about his experience in designing in this blurred space, where products are sometimes real and sometimes fictional.

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Anita Patwardhan Butler


Design Director

Censorship or Freedom of Speech? Twitter’s Approach to Misinformation

At Design Matters 2.0, Anita will dig deep into the theme “Real Fake”. She’ll expose the challenge of dealing with misinformation on Twitter and debate if it’s Twitter’s role to manage that content. She’ll also expose the creative ways politicians, activists and extremist groups create “fake” content, and when and how Twitter enforces its policies, even when it’s from the national leaders or public figures.

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Rita Ho

Wikimedia Foundation

Lead UX Designer

Citation needed: Design as a source for building new experiences on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is nineteen years-old and is still growing, with content being contributed by volunteer editors and read in almost 300 languages worldwide. Rita will share different practices used by the relatively small (some might say scrappy) group of nine designers in the Wikimedia Foundation’s Product team as they create new and improved features to make Wikipedia a more inclusive place to access free knowledge for the next generation of users.

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13:00 Choose a Nerd Track


Mitsuko Sato


Visual Design Lead

Finding Patterns In Chaos

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Joël van Bodegraven


Product Designer

AI-driven design

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Adam Lenzinger

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Creative Researcher

Variable Language

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Maria & Lasse


Lead Service Designer & Director

Trusting Invisibility: Designing Futures We Can’t See

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Coffee & Cake

15:00 Choose a Nerd Track


Maria Cristina

Cisor Studio


The Wormhole: Designing for the post-internet generation

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Karsten & Kristina

Design Director & UX Research Manager

User Story Mapping: Why the shampoo comes before the toothbrush

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Coffee & Cake


Nicole Fronc Dumanski


Sociologist & Product Manager

When Virtual Reality becomes the key to treat schizophrenia

Nicole will talk about the groundbreaking new research project in DK, Challenge, where a virtual reality simulation is the core of a novel treatment targeting the hallmark symptoms of schizophrenia – hearing malevolent voices.

The VR software allows the therapist and patient to create a digital twin (avatar) of the voice from inside the patient’s head. While the patient wears a VR headset, the therapist embodies the avatar in real time and pretends to be the malevolent voice.

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Food & Drinks


Marcin Wichary


Design Manager

I pressed ⌘B. You wouldn’t believe what happened next

Whenever you press ⌘B in Figma to make your text bold, what happens is a choreography of events of surprising complexity.

It’s a collision of two worlds – keyboard shortcuts and typography – each one with years and years of bugs, history, and decisions with unexpected consequences.

Let’s take a look under Figma’s hood and check out what *really* happens in there whenever you press two simple keys.

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Hugleikur Dagsson

Dagsson dot com

Cartoonist & Comedian

Night Talk

Hugleikur Dagsson will make you drop for a laugh in his fun Night talk!

He’ll share how he comes up with his provocative and irreverent illustration ideas and sprinkle a generous dose of pitch-black humor onto his work.

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party time

8:30 - 9:30


Breakfast Coffee Yoga

9:30 - 10:00

New Speaker

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10:00 - 11.30


Kea Zhang


Head of Product & UX

The Future of Testing

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Michael König

Bang & Olufsen

Head of Design Research

All you really need is some cardboard

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Craft Zone Workshop

Maria Viftrup


Artist and Designer

What if phones were made of [X] ?

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Nicole Burrow


Senior Design Director

Making the band

What makes a good band? Is it the lead guitarist? The singer? Or is it how the band performs together on stage? What if the same traits that make up a great band also apply to a great design team?

In this new environment, it’s more important than ever to figure out which role you want to play. Nicole’s talk will help you navigate that choice so that you and your band of designers can reach their full potential.

She will tell stories on how this happened at Spotify and share a list of tools that can be used to build a superstar design team.

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Derek Fidler


Senior Product Designer

The Future of Digital Equity: Mobile-Only

From homeless students taking online classes during a global pandemic to the next generation of digital athletes winning millions from bed, billions of people are redefining how we use technology by never using computers except for the ones in their pockets. Drawing from my experiences at Twitch and ShelterTech designing products for mobile-only users, I believe the future of digital equity is mobile-only, and governments and tech companies are still way behind.

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Coffee Matters

14:00 - 15:30

3x Nerd Talks

Brady & Hannah


Head of Product & Community Manager

Match. Chat. Get Tattooed. How digital design is transforming the tattoo industry

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Catt Small


Senior Product Designer

Like a Phoenix: Becoming a more resilient designer

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Jeremy Steiner

Former Niantic

Designer & Creative Leader

Storyboarding workshop

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Alastair Simpson


VP of Design

Debunking the Myths of Cross Disciplinary Collaboration

Trying to plan and collaborate across different teams whilst creating a cohesive culture can sometimes feel like a pipe dream. This is especially true as we start to work with more distributed teams and as we add more and more specialized functions to the mix, such as Design, Research, Content Strategy, Product Management, Engineering, Data Science, etc. There are also a few common myths that are just not true in today’s modern team environment. Come along for an energizing talk to explore a few popular myths, debunk them, and get some practical tips to build world-class products.

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Pablo Stanley


Staff Designer

Illustration Systems

Illustrations are emerging as a vital part of the user experience of a product, as they help tell your brand story, and your values and personality. How do you create a successful illustration system, shaping a strong visual identity? How do you decide a core set of principles?

Join Pablo Stanley to discuss the why and the how of creating illustration systems. He will walk us through a brief history of illustration and comics in a designer’s creative journey and a look at how illustration has been applied in different products.

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