Our committee consists of previous speakers from Design Matters Tokyo 23. Find them below.

The goal

We believe that the Committee members add a global and diverse perspective to Design Matters. Spotting and understanding trends and needs allows us to engage the community as well as create a more relevant and interesting conference.

Design Matters Tokyo 24


Alessio Grancini (Magic Leap), Aurelia Albrecht (independent), Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi), Sherry Wu (EDOCODE), Ippei Tambata (SONY), Karsten Vestergaard (DMJX), Reginé Gilbert (New York University), Marika Hirano (Spectrum Tokyo), Lysandre Follet (ex Nike), June Taketani (Smartbank), Yuko Hayakawa (Nissan Motor), Erika Ito (Vmware Tanzu Labs), Marina Nakagawa, Ryo Sampei (Design Matters), Michael Christiansen (Design Matters) and Giorgia Lombardo (Design Matters).

Special thanks to Anamaria Dorgo for running the workshop.


These cool companies helped Design Matters to come alive

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