Katsutaro Eimaeda

CCO / Design Strategist


Perspective of Systemic design

In recent years, “Systemic Design” has gained attention as a new approach towards transforming social systems. This approach, which combines systems thinking with design, reveals how our everyday actions are intricately linked to unexpected environmental challenges.

We often face conflicts involving a multitude of stakeholders, where interests are deeply intertwined. Resolving these conflicts is not straightforward. In such situations, it’s crucial to understand the relationships between various social, technological, and economic elements related to the issue, and to perceive these relationships as a whole system.

In Systemic Design, it is important to consider how we approach and design these relationships from various perspectives. We hope to share and convey this way of thinking, assisting you in implementing it in your practices.

About Katsutaro

After studying drama at university, he worked as a creative director at a video/web production company, later became independent, and started his own company. While focusing on supporting new business development and business improvement, he also created and managed various design communities.

Since 2020, he has been affiliated with YUMEMI Inc., engaging in new business development support, organizational development and learning, and corporate branding. He also provides mentoring for businesses and individuals and contributes to shaping organizational culture.

His guiding principles are to “expand the potential of individuals and organizations” and to “practice design in everyday life.”


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