Lindsay Tingstrom

UX Design Manager

Volvo Cars

UX at 108 KM/H

As UX designers, many of us work to create digital experiences to delight and satisfy users in the very familiar touchpoints of moble and web.
But what happens when you shift the paradigm and replicate that screen-based scenario in a car? How do you enable safe and satisfying experiences for drivers and paasengers, while mitigating the inherent risks that come with driving?
In this session, I’ll share a bit about the process and craft we use in the Car UX team at Volvo to deliver delightful (and safe) UX, inside our vehicles. We’ll look at the principles that guide our design decisions, and explore how principles might also help guide your design work.

About Lindsay

Lindsay has worked across different disciplines of design, research and strategy for 15 years, in roles from consultant to educator to entrepreneur. The red thread of her work is human-centricity: her driving force is empathy for humans and a deep desire to understand their implicit and explicit needs.

Lindsay currently works as a UX Design Manager at Volvo Cars in Stockholm, guiding multidisciplinary design teams to make very technical experiences inside of and around the car more seamless, humane and delightful. Additionally, she’s an educator at Hyper Island, developing the next generation of designers and design leaders. Lindsay’s professional and educational experience spans the U.S., Europe and Asia, and she’s passionate about inclusive leadership, travel and the ways culture impacts human behavior.


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