Roy Husada

Founder / CEO


Stage host

Roy will be the stage host of Design Matters Tokyo 24; each day he’ll introduce the talks and provide guidance in case anyone needs help or support.

About Roy

In a world thriving on individuality, Roy stands as a testament to self-sufficiency and a spirit of ‘do-it-yourself or die trying’. His life, a canvas of eclectic passions, from crafting furniture to immersing in Japanese culture, showcases the pursuit of personal fulfillment over societal norms. Encouraged by loved ones, Roy’s journey is not solitary; it’s a quest for creative camaraderie, leading him to establish a venture that merges brand localization with creative design.

Yet, Roy’s aspirations are not confined. Dreams of diversifying into ventures such as freeze-drying, 3D printing, craft beer, and more illustrate a relentless pursuit to scratch an existential itch. Roy values a shared fervor for curiosity and the audacity to redefine the mundane. This is not merely a business proposition; it’s an invitation to join a narrative of pioneering, to transform visions into reality. In Roy’s story, we find a compelling call to embrace the uncharted, to join forces in sculpting a future where passion meets purpose.


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