Satoru Murakoshi

Product Designer

Ubie, Inc.

Designing the Future of Healthcare - Patient-centric design approach in healthcare platforms.

Ubie, inc. is a Japanese health tech start-up with the mission to “To develop a healthcare guide for everyone”. Our business goal is to “extend the HALE(healthy life expectancy) of the world’s population of 8 billion people” through our healthcare platform.
In this presentation, we will introduce our “patient-centric design approach” for designing healthcare platforms we offer based on the facts that are “social healthcare issues” and “patients’ narratives”.

About Satoru

Satoru Murakoshi has over 10 years of experience Product Designer and Information Architect based in Tokyo. After working as an Operation Officer at Goodpatch and Senior Manager at Accenture, he joined Ubie in 2021. Since joining Ubie, he has been working as a product designer on how to integrate business outcomes and patient outcomes to achieve our mission “To develop a healthcare guide for everyone.”, he tries to figure out how designers should understand patients’ narratives more deeply.
His latest fun fact is learning the Japanese Tea ceremony.


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