Tomoko Miyake

Product Manager


Was UX design just a passing trend?

Has the trend of UX design and user-centered design ended?
Most of us have been taught to listen to the user’s voice at some point while learning design.
Yet, on a day-to-day basis, the voices of users that you thought were important may not be reflected, or designers may be asked just to make the product look cool, which can sometimes be frustrating.
What kind of UX design are we actually engaged in, and what is it that really matters? What is the goal in our career through UX design? Let’s explore together what’s next in design and how we should engage it.

About Tomoko

Tomoko is a product manager, developing solutions and strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises throughout her career. Her user-centric and co-creative approach was formed while she learned product design from the ground up, coming from a business development background. She has launched new services in the medical, logistics, and food and beverage industries, both locally and internationally, in a venture company and global corppration. She loves sushi and water sports. She has a big smile when she finds unique and practical goods and experiences with character.


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