Anton Sokolov

CG Artist | Design Lead

1/2 8 | JetBrains

Crafted Art Projects: Exploring the Purpose of Artistic Expression in the Age of AI

In today’s ever-changing world, AI brings both opportunities and challenges for visual artists. In this talk, we’ll delve into the heart of our craft. Through my own art project,, I’ll share how creativity drives me and how it can impact us all.

We’ll start by understanding the essence of my project and then peek behind the scenes to see how it’s made. I’ll also discuss how this project has personally influenced me, without making grand claims.

My aim isn’t just to share my journey, but to spark that same creative spark in each of you. Let’s explore how creativity can thrive alongside AI and shape our artistic futures together.

About Anton

With folks at JetBrains, Anton designs and provides product management for productivity apps for software dev teams, such as the Space dev platform and next-gen Fleet IDE. Before joining JetBrains, I was directing design teams at and When I am not designing software, I create artworks as a way to tap into my memories and emotions evoked by intriguing historical facts, books, well-designed buildings, or serene natural settings. Sometimes, drawings are accompanied by minimalistic soundtracks


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