Eriol Fox

Senior Designer, UX Researcher and OSS Product Manager


Designing for security and privacy: Design lessons from human rights and civic technology

Eriol and Superbloom have been working on human rights technology for over 10 years. When we think about how to design for privacy, security and known and unknown human rights, we start with a security and privacy focus to our human centered design, using methods and processes that think about what malicious people or governments could do with data, information and access to devices.

Making sure all technology is safe for high risk people to use is critical to the future of private, secure and respectful design that doesn’t rely on dark/deceptive design patterns and brings people into the full knowledge of what their software and hardware does.

Eriol will talk about how Superbloom works with highly secure design research practices, how we design for journalists, human rights activists and civil society and how all designers can use methods to make their design more private, secure and resilient against malicious attacks.

About Eriol

Eriol Fox (they/them) is a lead designer with 10+ years experience in companies and NGO’s and has worked internationally on some of the toughest humanitarian problems including Crisis Response, Peace-building, Democracy and Human Rights. Dedicated to Open Source and Free software they are pushing for better design representation and involvement in OSS.

Eriol looks to solve complex problems using humanitarian-centred design and helps organisations stay focused on the problem experienced by the people they serve. They help to build, inform and collaborate using cross-functional empathy within teams and embed design research practice rationale in products and services.

Active community mentor (GSoC, Outreachy, Mozilla Community Leaders, e-life Sciences innovation and ad-hoc community mentoring), they are a published writer, speaker at tech and design conferences both locally and internationally.


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