Tiziana Alocci

Data artist & information designer


Beyond Numbers: Looking at the Past to Transform the Future

Imagine a world where sound is not only heard, but also ‘seen’. With this concept in mind, the talk explores innovative frontiers in the convergence of data and new technologies, creating a new dimension in design. Data visualization, spatial interactions, and immersive art are challenging the boundaries of traditional design. By incorporating algorithms and organic design principles, you’ll gain insights into the evolving role of the designer and artist, how it has changed, and how much it will change in the era of AI. Embracing both new and old technologies and tools, such as field recordings, real-time data, and algorithms, this talk highlights the importance of understanding upcoming trends and the synergy between the old and the new.

About Tiziana

Tiziana Alocci is an Italian award-winning information designer, data artist, and TEDx speaker based in London, UK. She converts data into visual statements, often using sound, merging the worlds of science and art. With over a decade of experience as an information designer, collaborating with award-winning organisations and brands worldwide, Tiziana’s work challenges conventional approaches to data perception and visualisation.
She’s the founder of NECESSITY.INK, a London-based practice bringing a unique perspective to the world of data visualisation, making the inaccessible accessible through data, art, and technology.

In addition to her art production, she has been a lecturer at the University of The Arts London (UAL) and guest lecturing at various universities worldwide, including Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest; Harbour Space, Bangkok; CENTRO Mexico City; Ravensbourne London; ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem; Chelsea College of Art, London.

Born and raised between the sea and the “vicoli” of Genoa, she lives and works in East London playing with pixels, data, and sounds, regularly falling in love with new forms of art.


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