Hajime Hirono


Digital Agency, Government of Japan

How to spark the service design process in rigorous ministries

Hajime works as a designer at Digital Agency, Government of Japan and supports the National Tax Agency’s digital transformation project. Being assigned as a sole designer among the typically stringent and rigorous atmosphere of the national tax professionals, he will share how he introduced the service design process and motivated them to engage with it proactively.

About Hajime

After working on new business planning and promoting UX for mobile apps at Yahoo! Japan, he co-founded FOLIO Co., Ltd. (now part of the SBI Group) in 2015. He served as the Chief Design Officer and Product Manager, leading the launch of online securities. In 2018, he established Designship, Inc., managing businesses such as conferences and design schools. In 2021, he founded Forte, Inc., providing support for digital product development in a wide range of new businesses, from regulated to entertainment industries. Since 2021, he has been a member of the Digital Agency, following his tenure at the Cabinet Secretariat’s IT Comprehensive Strategy Office.


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