Miki Ishijima

Design Program Manager

Money Forward, Inc.

Love your members

Let’s love your team members and become an organization that performs well.

While design retains industrial aspects with mass and quick production, it also strongly maintains the characteristics of craftsmanship. On the other hand, in software development, the proliferation of design processes systematizes various things.

In this context, what remains of the often excluded subjectivity, and how can coexistence be achieved by preserving it? Also, what kind of subjectivity should we leave behind as a team to function within the organization? I believe it is love and empathy.

Let’s explore together what we can do to create teams that achieve high performance regardless of the relationships across business entities based on my experiences.

About Miki

After working as a graphic designer and UI designer, she established the company Miki Ishijima, Inc. in 2019, in which she focused on providing design consulting primarily to companies at series A stages and companies with business products.
She has authored multiple books on design and has a track record of speaking engagements, offering insights for continuous development, which includes user research, design systems, and team building. Specializing in quick development and practical design processes within small teams, she excels not only as a designer but also actively participates in development teams as a Scrum Master. She aims for cross-functional software development beyond the confines of specific roles. Since 2023, she has been working for Money Forward, Inc.


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