Jasper Wu



Crafting Compelling Content in the Digital - Explore the Fusion of Craftsmanship and Snackable Delights

In this workshop, you will learn about Japan’s craftsmanship and the gap between the modern digital world. Discover how to infuse your content creation with the spirit of craftsmanship, creating captivating experiences that resonate with today’s fast-paced digital world.

About Jasper

Jasper Wu is the founder of CreativeMashiMashi, a studio that focuses on design thinking education and organizational problem-solving. He formerly led the Design Sprint community in Japan, and now coaches Design Sprints at Google, in addition to serving as a researcher for Google Search. Previously, Jasper was the Chief Experience Officer at U-NEXT, directing the customer experience department. Known for his 2019 publication on design thinking in Japan, Jasper is deeply committed to human-centered innovation, using customer insights to drive product development and strategies.


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