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Acquire Model Design Skills through Sharing What You Love

In this workshop, you’ll learn modeling techniques essential for designing services and businesses through the experience of ‘modeling something you love and sharing it with others.’ Your subject matter for this activity can be anything you’re passionate about, whether it’s a video game, board game, anime, or TV series. The key is to be able to enthusiastically and concisely explain ‘what makes it interesting.’

Modeling is a tool I use in creative design, but it can also be seen as a form of information organization. By mastering this skill, you’ll gain the ability to see the big picture, identify new challenges, and soar above the details. Imagine the strength it can add to your design skills and possibilities! With this in mind, I’ve organized this workshop for those who believe in the potential of design. Participants will share the charm of the models they create, providing an opportunity to experience the ease of conveying model-based explanations and receiving feedback from fellow members.”

Please note that this is a creative interpretation, and the exact wording may vary based on context and specific preferences.

About Akitsugu

Akitsugu has a background as a UX Designer of VAIO and a Product Manager of PlayStation 4. Five years ago, he co-founded Flying Penguins. Armed with concept modeling that connects business, systems, and users, along with rapid prototyping, he has engaged in hands-on projects such as DX initiatives in real estate, fashion, and automotive sectors, as well as new business development. He has also been actively involved in PdM talent development for telecommunication carriers, restaurant chains, and SIers. Furthermore, he is expanding his alliance activities with fellow business owners and freelancers to share values.

About Ryo

Ryo is a producer and Chief Brand Officer at Flying Penguins Inc. He is the owner of two design communities, Spectrum Tokyo and Design Matters Tokyo, which both seek to bridge the design scene between Japan and the world. In his previous job, he was the founder and owner of “UX MILK” which later became the largest UX design community in Japan. In his pastime he likes to play all sorts of video games and also enjoys listening and playing punk rock music.


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